Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Collaborative projects pack the student art galleries

"Shadows on the Cave Wall" by Katie Shanks

Ending tomorrow, this week’s Art Department galleries showcased two collaborations between artists for a Drawing and Painting Senior Show in the Max L. Gatov galleries and Printmaking Group Show in the Dutzi gallery. Also in the Merlino and Werby galleries are Adriana Weeden with metals and Emily Quest with paintings. Gallery hours Thurday are from 12 p. m. to 5 p. m.

Assigned as required senior show for gradutaion in the Gatov galleries, “Different brush Strokes” features the work of Danny Blackwell, Lorena Garcia, Katie Shanks, Gaby Uceda, Xian Yu Zhou, Andrew Cortes, Lauryn Logan, Ashley Springer and Javier Yamakawa. Each artists proveded their own artist statement describing their insperations and individual styles, ranging from portraits, to urban landcsapes to a paper recreations of a cave. Blackwell joked about his humerous self portraits, "I'm not fond of making fun of other people, so I might as well make fun of myself."

Also in a collaboration of artists, the printmaking group show “Ink 666” presented grim and surreal artistry remenisant of the exhibition's opening day, Halloween, through calligraphy, lithography, and various other forms of prints. Functioning as a promotion for print-related art, information in printmaking classes was set by the entryway of the Dutzi gallery.

Inspired by her childhood fear and wonder for the ocean, Adriana Weeden based her entire solo show “Audy’s Oddities” on capturing underwater life through metal recreations of coral and fish. Jewelry was encased in round fishbowls. Her fascination with fish stems from her father warning her as a child on a summer vacation that the fish would eat her toes as they dangle in the water, she said.

Emily Quest's MFA Painting show in the Werby gallery was closed Wednsday for unknown reasons.

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